Problem: asphalt transport companies were looking for a solution to keep the asphalt warm between loading and arrival at the road works site. If the temperature drops below 125°C, the asphalt is unusable. The dump truck covers are traditionally made from PVC coated fabrics but the asphalt sticks to them and makes covering and uncovering difficult, if not dangerous for the drivers.

Solution: choosing a HT Polyester basecloth in 1100 dtex gives very good mechanical strength. A specially designed silicone coating on both sides ensures temperature resistance up to +200°C permanently (no degradation in tear strength after 1 hour at 200°C: NF EN 12280). The fabric is easy to clean and asphalt will not stick to it. The silicone reflects heat from the asphalt downwards, keeping the heat in and preventing condensation. Being lightweight (370 g/m²), the fabric is easy to handle.

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