Aircraft Engine Inlet covers

Problem: a customer working for Airbus required a cover that resisted all types of weather, was flame retardant to FAR 25 and was not affected by hydraulic oil (Skydrol). A synthetic rubber (chlorosulfonated polyethylene) was previously used for this application but that was becoming increasingly difficult to source and was environmentally challenging to apply. It also had to be printable.

Solution : A specially developed Polyurethane coating is applied to a HT Polyester basecloth and then laminated to a meta-aramid knitted fabric. This gives flame retardancy to FAR 25. The cold flexion is tested to
-55°C (-67°F) and the contact and convective heat resistance up to +180°C (+356°F).
It is compatible with Skydrol hydraulic oils. Ice does not stick to the fabric and the UV resistance is excellent. It is also screen-printable.

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