Molten Metal Splash

The Reflespace® range of metallized fabrics is specially designed for Personal Protective Equipment Level 4: “high risks and extreme exposure to radiant heat”.
For protective coats, gloves, aprons, boot covers….

Reflespace® technology is a unique aluminisation process offering the best molten metal splash protection today.

Reflespace® technology advantages:

  • Excellent behaviour to ferrous and non-ferrous molten metal splashes
  • Outstanding mechanical resistance to abrasion, creasing and delamination → better life expectancy
  • Does not melt in contact with flames, heat or molten metals
  • Cleangard lacquer: protects and enhances the aluminium reflectance efficiency
  • Width 100% usable → ideal for fabrication
  • Odourless
  • Comfortable and supple


Respecting norms:

For heat and flames
ISO 11612 (2008)
For thermal risks (heat and/fire)
NF EN 407 (2004)

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