Company History

Dickson PTL - company history

PTL was created in 1948 in Lyon, France.

In 1988, the Dickson Group acquired the company, becoming Dickson PTL.

In 1998, Glen Raven USA purchased the Dickson Group.

Today, Dickson PTL is a world specialist in Technical Fabrics for applications requiring heat and flame protection, release coatings and abrasion resistance.

Our factory near Lyon, France produces coated fabrics in Polyurethanes, Silicones and lightweight PVC. Our lamination process produces two and three ply fabrics and films. Our Reflesespace® metallization technology offers the best possible protection from molten metal splash. Our knowledge of coatings is second to none.

Dickson PTL’s salesteam is present throughout the world: in Europe, America and Japan. Our distributors operate in India, Africa, Russia and China.

Dickson PTL’s growth is over 30%/year with very exciting prospects.

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